Friday, September 23, 2016

Morning Coffee (9/23/16)

Let's take a break for some happy Friday links!

Me elsewhere: Pilot thoughts on Lethal Weapon and Bull.

Okay, this is political but also SO FUNNY so I'm throwing it in today - Clinton went on Between Two Ferns.

World's oldest library reopens in Fez: 'You can hurt us, but you can't hurt the books'

LOOK at a song from Hamilton in sign language. SO COOL.

Perfect: An Easy Guide to Writing the Great American Novel

Interview: Paige O’Hara Talks the Role of a Lifetime and 25 Years of Beauty and the Beast

TWO royal slideshows for you today because I can't pick. In honor of Will and Kate's trip to Canada let's look at their past royal tours - there's a lot of adorable here.

And here, for his birthday, is Prince Harry's life in pictures, in case you need that in your life today.

How Play-Doh Went From Being a Household Cleaning Supply to a Beloved Toy

How could I not show you Ashton Kutcher in a tux with a kitten on his shoulder?

Let's ogle fancy rings people wore to the Emmys.

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