Friday, October 14, 2016

Morning Coffee (10/14/16)

How about some happy Friday links? I THINK WE ALL NEED A BREAK.

I'm reading Tana French's new novel right now, and Laura Miller's piece about her books in the New Yorker is just a delight.

Aw: This Guy Took A Road Trip With 29 Dogs, 8 Puppies, And A Cat (To get them to new homes!)

Unseen documents revealed on new website dedicated to TS Eliot

Whoa: Jacques Cousteau's Grandson Is 3D Printing Coral Reefs

Fun: How many movies feature a character with your first name?

The Man Who Invented Bookselling As We Know It

Inside the New York Public Library's Last, Secret Apartments

Ooh, Catherine the Great's Bow Necklace is up for auction again.

Petula Clark reflects on the making of "Downtown," which was semi-inexplicably my favorite song for a while as a little kid.

Channel Childhoods Gone By With This Digital Archive of Victorian Children’s Books

Mysterious Chinese skeletons in ancient London cemetery shed new light on Roman Empire

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  1. One of the Victorian children's books reminded me of a song my father was tormented with as a small child, and I tracked it down. Turns out it was based on a book from 1851! Here was my father's childhood lullaby: