Sunday, October 9, 2016

Morning Coffee (10/9/16)

"Mr. Trump is rape culture’s blathering id, and Sunday night Hillary Clinton (who, no doubt, has just as many man-made scars as the rest of us) has to stand next to him on a stage, and remain unflappable as she’s held to an astronomically higher standard, and pretend that he is her equal while his followers persist in howling that sexism is a feminist myth."

“Shame On You!”: Trump Supporters Clash With Republican Leaders

Why Republicans Are Probably Stuck With Donald Trump

Mike Pence enabled Donald Trump. Stop saying he’d make a good president.

Here's Lin-Manuel Miranda's Saturday Night Live monologue. It's pretty adorable. I know, you're shocked.

"This is about 'lesser evil' Hillary Clinton. But what if I don’t think Hillary Clinton is 'evil' at all? What if I like her real good???"

The Horror Is Everything the GOP Could Tolerate About Trump, and Why

"These rhetorical time bombs, in other words, could be the catalyst for actual intimidation and violence, before and after Election Day. And if that violence and intimidation strikes, it will be against the chief targets of Trump’s campaign: people of color."

Oh: US protests over Russian 'harassment' as diplomats allegedly given date rape drug

Spoiler Alerts: Any Story Worth Telling Doesn’t Need Them

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