Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Morning Coffee (11/1/16)

This is terrifying: Woman Thrown Out Of Trump Rally: “I’m Not A Paid Protester”

Um: "The official said some government insiders are perplexed as to why Comey would have election timing concerns with the Russian disclosure but not with the Huma Abedin email discovery disclosure he made Friday."

Donald Trump's Companies Destroyed Emails in Defiance of Court Orders

A Veteran Spy Has Given the FBI Information Alleging a Russian Operation to Cultivate Donald Trump

"And even the hacking into Democratic emails, F.B.I. and intelligence officials now believe, was aimed at disrupting the presidential election rather than electing Mr. Trump." Okay, but...

Who could have guessed? Donald Trump is refusing to pay his campaign pollster three-quarters of a million dollars

There are so many fascinating, alarming things in this piece about the Trump campaign's final days that I don't know where to start.

I assume this weird piece about Biden for Secretary of State may just be someone trying to mess with Trump. (Not that I'd object if it were true, obviously.)

I don't even LIKE Chobani but now I want to buy it.

Novelist Gayle Forman has a great essay about deciding who should stay home with her kids.

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