Friday, November 4, 2016

Morning Coffee (11/3/16)

Okay, let's take a QUICK break for some happy links to distract from the election...


I love everything about this up to and including all the puns: Tyler Hoechlin, Man of Steal-ing Your Heart

In other important Superman news: Here Is Barack Obama With a Tiny Superman to Remind Us That All's Not Lost

Aw, Tim Kaine made us a playlist.

The Obama Family's Stylish Private World Inside the White House

Ooh, the Hamilton Mixtape tracklist!

Hm, and Melissa de la Cruz has an Alexander and Eliza Hamilton YA novel coming out!

'Taylor Swift,' 10 Years Later

Recommend Me a Book is pretty fun to play with.

How 'Tumblr Pink' Became the Most Ubiquitous Color in Fashion Branding

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