Friday, December 23, 2016

Morning Coffee (12/23/16)

(I'm traveling, so this post was written in advance and does not take into account whatever additional horrors have recently been unleashed upon the world.)

Time for some pre-Christmas happy Friday links!

Curiosity's Most Incredible Mars Snapshots of 2016

Midsomer Murders is getting a new sidekick!

Whoa: New York superfan recreates Star Trek's Enterprise bridge + sets from actual blueprints

12 Writers on the Books They’re Giving as Gifts This Year

Who wants to go on an Agatha Christie vacation?

A city councilman tried to get rid of a library cat. The cat outlasted his political career.

Aw: 57 Years Later, Even the Library Had Stopped Counting the Fines

The Year of Hygge, the Danish Obsession with Getting Cozy

Related: How to Hygge Your Reading Life

Let's ogle some vintage ski posters.

The Year in Kate Middleton’s Hair, 2016 Edition

8 Knitting Projects for Fantasy and Sci-Fi Fans

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