Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Morning Coffee (2/14/17)

Michael Flynn has resigned, which is obviously good in itself as well as some evidence that there is a line for this administration, somewhere.

Heartbreaking: Drone Footage Shows New Destruction at the Syrian World Heritage Site of Palmyra

Um. This is a terrible idea: Donald Trump used a phone flashlight to read his briefing on a North Korean missile test

Also: Mar-a-Lago Members Got a Front Row Seat to Trump's Nuclear Crisis This Weekend, and They Took Pictures

Here Are 21 Times The White House And Media Allies Explained That The Muslim Ban Was About Muslims

Hmmm: How Trump can be held accountable for violating the Constitution, even if Congress doesn’t care

How the USSR’s effort to destroy Islam created a generation of radicals

Oklahoma lawmaker: pregnant women’s bodies aren't their own, because they are “hosts”

Ooh! Jake Tapper is writing a thriller set in '50s-era Washington, D.C. (It's called The Hellfire Club, so obviously at first I assumed he was writing a Regency romance, and am sad he is not.)

GOOD: Yale to Rename Calhoun College After Pioneering Computer Scientist Grace Hopper

Oooooh: Apple takes a big step toward wireless charging on iPhones

Science, Art and Insects: Maria Sibylla Merian

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