Friday, March 10, 2017

Morning Coffee (3/10/17)

Time for our weekly break for some Friday happy links.

Some good news to start your weekend: A Self-Assured Swedish Cat Just Came Home After Nine Years Away

Maybe your weekend also needs wine and cake pairings.

Your weekend DEFINITELY needs dudes in suits.

Also at Go Fug Yourself: I want everything in the Brooks Brothers Fall/Winter collection, which I'm sure comes as a GIGANTIC SHOCK.

Can You Name The Best-Selling Book Title From The Visual Riddle? (I got 16/17 and I'm pretty mad about that last one.)

Ooh! Found: A Miniature Working Model of the National Archives Vault

I love dioramas! Let's go see them all.

Oreo drones!!

The world's largest knitted mitten! I love Sweden.

Whoa: If You Haven't Tried the New Starbucks Cookie Butter Bar, You Haven't Lived Your Best Life

The Original Hidden Picture Artists Were Dutch Masters

I'm skeptical of wine-infused coffee but I'd probably TRY it.

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