Thursday, March 16, 2017

Morning Coffee (3/16/17)

The good news: Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s Latest Travel Ban Nationwide

The bad news: Donald Trump Budget Slashes Funds for E.P.A. and State Department, as well as public eduction and HUD, and cutting funding entirely for Meals on Wheels and other programs for the poor, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the National Endowment for the Arts, and more.

What a surprise: Neil Gorsuch Has Web of Ties to Secretive Billionaire

Ugh: Trump Admin May Let States Impose Medicaid Work Requirements

Donald Trump's tax plan would've nearly wiped out his 2005 tax burden

The GOP plan for Obamacare could kill more people each year than gun homicides

What the White House’s obsession with Andrew Jackson means for the world

Netherlands Considers a New Relationship to Muslims With Coming Election (Obviously the elections have happened, now, but it's still an interesting read.)

Boooo: Women's Retailer Modcloth To Be Bought By Jet.Com, Which Is Owned By Walmart

!!! Why This Court Decision Hinged on the Oxford Comma

I have so many questions: Design the cover for Dan Brown's next mystery

Cool: Soviet Military Mapping of the Cold War Era

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