Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday Chat: Advice Columns!

I love advice columns. I've never written to one, but when they're well done, they're such good reading. People display such an unimaginable range of crazy behavior that other people have to deal with! Do you also love advice columns? There must be some great ones out there I don't know about. What are your favorites??


Dear Prudence, of course - I read it before but now that's it's written by the great Mallory Ortberg it's a constant joy.

Ask a Manager might be mostly of interest to those of us who work office jobs, but it's surprisingly fascinating.

Captain Awkward is good general advice that is particularly attuned to people with a variety of characteristics that might not make them the "typical" person for traditional advice columns - lots about questions of coming out, dealing with abusive or just unhealthy family relationships, navigating a social life with disabilities or health challenges, etc.

What awesome ones am I missing??

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