Friday, August 25, 2017

So I have this Patreon...

I do! You can find it here. I haven't talked about it much recently (and don't worry, I'm not going to start plugging it constantly or anything), partially because I haven't been doing much with it and have been struggling to keep up with the way I structured it. SO, I'm going to revamp it a bit, and I'm looking for some input, whether or not you've joined me over there!

If you are or have been a patron - what did you like? What parts didn't you care about? What rewards do you wish there were?

If you're NOT a patron - what are the kinds of rewards or blog content that might make you consider joining? What have you liked/not liked in other Patreons you've dealt with in general?

And because this affects ALL blog readers, not just patrons - the link posts aren't going anywhere, but what ELSE would you like to see around here? I've been having a hard time with book reviews because most of my book thoughts are going to my Tinyletter, so I'm thinking about other kinds of posts. What would you like to read about?

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