Friday, November 3, 2017

Morning Coffee (11/3/17)

Time for some happy Friday links.

New Taylor!!

Tom Hughes is making a spy movie with Judi Dench and I'm into everything about this.

Your Friday probably needs a Channing Tatum dance break. (I just finally saw Magic Mike XXL so I am particularly into Channing Tatum dance breaks right now.)

In other late night TV news, Kelly Clarkson sang "Since U Been Gone" backwards and it's amazing.

Aw: NICU Nurse Spends Months Knitting Adorable Halloween Costumes for Preemies

I assume you saw Justin Trudeau as Superman but just in case.

I loved the book so I'm so excited for this! Love, Simon: Your first look at 2018's major studio gay teen romance

Reddit's crowdsourced playlist of beautiful songs is a thing that is not on fire and will not hurt you

!! We went to the McDonald's owned by the Queen — and it's one of the poshest we've ever seen

I think we all need some Cute Pets on Bookstagram.

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