Thursday, January 18, 2018

Morning Coffee (1/18/18)

Life After ISIS: One Sister Wants To Rebuild. The Other Can't Wait To Leave

Just evil: US border patrol routinely sabotages water left for migrants, report says

Donald Trump’s alleged porn star affair and hush money scandal, explained

Citing ‘Inexcusable’ Treatment, Advisers Quit National Parks Panel

I don't know how I'd be handling this presidency without Masha Gessen: How Donald Trump Degrades Us All

"The notion of affirmative consent did not fall from space in October 2017 to confound well-meaning but bumbling men; it was built, loudly and painstakingly and in public, at great personal cost to its proponents, over decades."

In case you, too, vaguely heard something about "California splitting" and didn't realize it was an actual news story, here you go. (I mean, they talk about this all the time and it's not going to happen, but for a day I thought it was just a random Twitter joke and not people Declaring Things this week.)

Shocker: Percentage of Women Working Behind the Scenes in Film Hasn't Increased in 2 Decades

Whoa! After 950 Years, the Bayeux Tapestry Is Set to Be Displayed in Britain

Water Might Be Easier to Find on Mars Than We Thought

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