Saturday, January 20, 2018

Morning Coffee (1/20/18)

ICYMI, I'm adding a Patreon-exclusive diary aspect to my Oscar project this year! (Don't worry, you'll still get the main posts here.) It starts at just a dollar a month. Learn more here.

Okay, here's where things currently seem to stand: Government Shutdown Begins as Budget Talks Falter in Senate

Tillerson Says U.S. Troops Are Staying in Syria, but No One Is Sure What They Will Do There

Of course: FBI investigating whether Russian money went to NRA to help Trump

Stormy Daniels Reveals Donald Trump Is a Lot Like Harvey Weinstein

Report: More Than A Dozen Michigan State Staffers Were Told Of Larry Nassar's Sexual Abuse And Nothing Happened

A Blot on Ireland’s Past, Facing Demolition

I don't deal with change well but, uh, the new guy is kinda dreamy: After 50 Years, Israel Philharmonic Names a New Conductor

THIS IS SO STUPID: Reality show crew allegedly tried to sneak fake bomb past airport security (The best line in that piece, obviously, is "The nine individuals, all men...")

Sigh: Pyramid schemes target Snapchat teens

Are Rats Innocent of Spreading the Black Plague?

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