Thursday, January 11, 2018

Weekly Rec: Met Opera Radio

Okay, so this is sort of a niche recommendation this week. I suppose many of you aren't interested in opera. (Though maybe try it? You might like it! I don't know!) If you ARE at all interested in trying opera AND have SiriusXM radio, I highly recommend Met Opera Radio, which I'd sort of forgotten about for a while until I recently started listening a lot. They broadcast live performances from the Metropolitan Opera in New York, as well as a ton of archival performances, all the way back into the 1940s at least. This comes out to six or seven full operas a day, played from beginning to end, and in between they run an interesting assortment of shorter vocal pieces - arias, art songs, and the like. And their hosts are quite good at providing enough information at the beginning and at breaks so you have some idea what's going on in the story, without it being so much that it gets annoying or takes away from the music.

Plus, turning it on in the car in the morning makes me feel like I'm in Morse's Oxford, and I arrive at work very ready to solve some murders. (Which is, ah, not my job. Alas.)

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  1. I instantly thought of making a Morse reference. I'm glad you included one!