Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (12/7/22)

Today is Wednesday and we're starting with TWO pieces of good news. Wild.

Trump’s Company Is Guilty of Tax Fraud, a Blow to the Firm and the Man (NYT)

Warnock beats Walker in Ga. runoff, growing Democrats’ Senate majority (WaPo)

You know it's bad if the CDC is actually saying the word "mask:" CDC encourages people to wear masks to help prevent spread of Covid, flu and RSV over the holidays (CNBC)

Wow: China announces a roll-back of its strict anti-COVID-19 measures (NPR)

Germany Arrests Dozens Suspected of Planning to Overthrow Government (NYT)

The Frightening Implications of Gorsuch’s Angry Questions About State “Reeducation” (Slate)

Emergency shelters gear up for winter as N.H.’s housing crisis continues (NHPR)

Union-busting is bad!! HarperCollins Adds ‘Christmas’ to Jewish Book Title Without Author’s Consent (The Mary Sue)

Good for him, and this is a really good statement, I recommend you click through and read it: Neal Bledsoe Steps Away From Great American Family: ‘My Support for the LGBTQIA+ Community Is Unconditional’ (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)

World faces ‘terminal’ loss of Arctic sea ice during summers, report warns (The Guardian)

And some longer reads:

The Crimea question: Why Ukraine’s final battle might be the Western alliance’s toughest test (Grid)

More Than Two Years After George Floyd’s Murder Sparked a Movement, Police Reform Has Stalled. What Happened? (ProPublica)

Ashkenazi Jews Have Become More Genetically Similar Over Time (NYT)

What Cargo Cult Rituals Reveal About Human Nature (Sapiens)

Dracula vs. the FBI (CrimeReads)

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