Thursday, January 12, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (1/12/23)

Today is Thursday! We're almost there!

Ukraine war: Sergei Surovikin removed as commander of Ukraine invasion force (BBC)

Killing of LGBTQ+ activist prompts outcry over anti-gay attacks in Kenya (The Guardian)

New omicron subvariant fuels COVID surge throughout the Northeast (CT Public)

Sigh. But also I do think it's important to note that finding things and proactively turning them over is different from being caught with things and resisting. Biden’s legal team found another batch of classified documents in search of second location (CNN) 

Good! Amazon loses bid to overturn historic union win on Staten Island warehouse (NPR)

PLEASE. If you don't want to be a member of the party, you shouldn't get a say in what the party does! House weighs making New Hampshire primaries closed to independent voters (NH Bulletin)

(See below for some more details on this.) Russia to Launch Space Station Rescue Mission to Bring Astronauts Home (NYT)

U.S. Considers Banning or Restricting Gas Stoves (Gizmodo)

Alaska, source of carbon-emitting fossil fuels, aims to raise money by storing carbon (APM)

New England: The Perfect Setting for Murder and Mayhem (CrimeReads)

And some longer reads:

Trapped in the Trenches in Ukraine (New Yorker)

Truce in orbit: The U.S. and Russia are strange bedfellows as they work to rescue stranded astronauts (Grid)

Weeks of Storms Test California’s Approach to Taming Nature (NYT)

No one’s quite sure how to fix pulse oximeters. The FDA asked this lab to find answers (STAT)

This was so interesting that I paused in the middle of reading to acquire both books: Authors in Conversation: Miranda Dubner and Fox North (LGBTQ Reads)

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