Monday, January 30, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (1/30/23)

It's Monday! Let's do this! Oh, here's my TV news roundup for the past two weeks at The Televixen.

Imagery Shows How a Cemetery for Russian Mercenaries Is Expanding (NYT)

Chandeliers and avatars: how conflict spawned a new lexicon in Ukraine (The Guardian)

This is amazing, and also sad that it feels so amazing: Book showing same-sex marriage suitable for children, European court rules (Politico EU)

The battle over state bans of federally approved abortion pills will begin in West Virginia (Grid)

Becca Balint Never Imagined Herself In Congress (Bustle)

Two new studies paint encouraging picture of Covid-19 vaccine’s performance (STAT)

This is awful: Conspiracy theorists hounded Grant Wahl's family when he died. Now they're back (NPR)

Well, this doesn't bode well for me ever getting to see a doctor again: Dartmouth Health plans hiring freeze, job reviews as it eyes $120M budget cut (NHPR)

Atmospheric dust may have hidden true extent of global heating (The Guardian)

How Animals May Have Conquered Snowball Earth (Smithsonian)

And some longer reads:

In Kabul, Taliban rulers are changing the face of the capital (WaPo)

Maternal deaths in the U.S. are staggeringly common. Personal nurses could help (NPR)

Abraham Lincoln’s other legacy: An obsession with open caskets and America’s lifeless death industry (Grid)

Marguerite Duras and the Domestication of Desire (New Yorker)

What Do We Know About the People of Roman Vindolanda? (History Hit)

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