Monday, February 13, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (2/13/23)

Today is Monday! Are we being invaded by aliens? Who's to say! Oh, here's my weekly TV news roundup at The Televixen.

Over Lake Huron, the U.S. downs a 3rd unidentified object in 3 days (NPR)

Turkey and Syria earthquake death toll passes 35,000 (The Guardian)

Ukraine war: Russians slowly take ground around Bakhmut (BBC)

Well, that's something: Florida drops menstruation reporting from student sports forms after backlash (WaPo)

Good: Federal government will offer grants to sex education programs defunded by NH Executive Council (NHPR)

New York Public Library Acquires Joan Didion’s Letters, Drafts and Notes (Smithsonian)

A.I. Turns Its Artistry to Creating New Human Proteins (NYT)

The pandemic showed the power of viral sequencing. Now the U.K. plans to decode other respiratory bugs (STAT)

Madagascar’s unique wildlife faces imminent wave of extinction, say scientists (The Guardian)

Ron Labinski, Who Designed a Cozier Future for Stadiums, Dies at 85 (NYT)

And some longer reads:

World in Photos: Turkey’s 7.8 earthquake devastates northern Syria as well (Grid)

Afghanistan's Undercover Athletes: Sportswomen Pose For Portraits Amid Taliban Threats (RFE)

What happens when a huge ship sinks? A step-by-step guide to averting disaster (The Guardian)

Where the Bison Could Roam (NYT)

How Much Netflix Can the World Absorb? (New Yorker)

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