Saturday, March 18, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (3/18/23)

Today is Saturday and I'm going to walk downtown and see what's going on at the bookstore and spice store and cafe, because . . . <gestures at everything>

Putin arrest warrant: Biden welcomes ICC's war crimes charges (BBC)

Rural populist party emerges as big winner in Dutch elections (The Guardian)

This will kill pregnant people: Wyoming Becomes First State to Outlaw Abortion Pills (NYT)

This will kill children: New Hampshire Senate passes GOP-backed parents' rights bill (NHPR)

Speaking of killing people: FDA offers radio silence on question of spring Covid boosters, as other countries push ahead (STAT)

Threats against Michigan women leaders highlight ongoing concerns over political violence (The 19th*)

The Silicon Valley Bank collapse changed the way Washington works with small and mid-sized banks (Grid)

The EPA's new 'good neighbor' rule targets downwind pollution by power plants (NPR)

Congratulations to the 2023 Lammy Finalists! (Lambda Literary)

Launching Dust From the Moon Could Help Cool Earth, Scientists Say (Smithsonian)

And some longer reads:

Why joining NATO and the EU are life or death issues for so many Ukrainians (Grid)

The Strongest Evidence Yet That an Animal Started the Pandemic (The Atlantic)

The truth is there's little the government can do about lies on cable (NPR)

The truth about caffeine: how coffee really affects our bodies (The Guardian)

Why Ohtani is the ace who's too nasty to catch (MLB)

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