Saturday, June 10, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (6/10/23)

It's Saturday and there's, uh, been some news, huh?

All your favorite news outlets are analyzing the Trump indictment, but here's a free, concise summary: These are the charges Trump was indicted on and what they mean (NPR)

Less flashy but honestly, equally huge news: John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh Really Did Just Save the Voting Rights Act (Slate)

Truly great timing here while everyone is distracted by Trump: Boris Johnson resigns as MP, accusing Commons investigation of attempting to ‘drive me out’ (CNN)

Ukraine's counter-offensive against Russia under way (BBC)

Those older siblings keeping that baby alive!! I cried. Colombian ‘miracle’ children found alive 40 days after Amazon jungle plane crash (The Guardian)

I'm so glad they were made to see reason here: Anthony Bass, pitcher who shared homophobic video, cut before Jays’ Pride celebration (WaPo)

Wow: State budget debate ends quickly as House endorses $15.2 billion Senate package as is (NHPR)

New York Failed the Smoke Test (The Atlantic)

Good: Sex ed program may resume, over objections of Executive Council Republicans (NH Bulletin)

These specific stats are a month out of date now but I thought the analysis was fascinating: Luis Arraez, .400, and BABOOP (Baseball Prospectus)

And some longer reads:

The Stupidest Crimes Imaginable (The Atlantic)

It’s Pride Month. Here’s how LGBTQ rights fared around the world this year. (WaPo)

She Redefined Trauma. Then Trauma Redefined Her. (NYT)

Are sliders destined to overtake fastballs as baseball's primary pitch? (Yahoo! Sports)

10 Eco-Fiction Novels Worth Celebrating (Tor)

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