Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (6/28/23)

Wednesday! We're getting there!

Russian General Knew About Mercenary Chief’s Rebellion Plans, U.S. Officials Say (NYT)

This is big: Supreme Court rejects Independent State Legislature theory, but leaves door ajar (NPR)

Dahlia Lithwick: The Supreme Court’s Latest Decision Is a Big Fat Rebuke to Donald Trump’s Jan. 6 Claims (Slate)

Ukraine defence minister expects Nato ‘guarantee’ after war (The Guardian)

Three survivors of Tulsa Race Massacre receive $1 million donation (CNN)

More out-of-state residents coming to NH for abortions, providers say (NHPR)

Estonia Becomes First Former Soviet Nation to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage (The Messenger)

Fan-funded A’s ‘SELL’ shirt heading to Baseball Hall of Fame (The Athletic)

Yeah, this feels correct: ‘Wheel of Fortune’: Ryan Seacrest Takes Over as Host After Pat Sajak Retires (Variety)

Excavators find image of pizza’s possible precursor among Pompeii ruins (WaPo)

And some longer reads:

What the Supreme Court's rejection of a controversial theory means for elections (NPR)

A year after Roe: Equality Health Center in Concord a focal point for abortion debate (NHPR)

Pride on the Picket Lines: LGBTQ+ Writers Fight for ‘True Representation’ in WGA Strike (The Messenger)

Baseball nuts Alex Cora, Masataka Yoshida bonding over their shared obsession (The Athletic)

In These Thrillers, the Setting Becomes a Pivotal Character (CrimeReads)

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