Sunday, July 16, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (7/16/23)

Today is Sunday and it's very rainy here.

Severe and prolonged heat wave nears peak: Live weather updates (WaPo)

New York Is Ordered by Appeals Court to Redraw House Map (NYT)

Trump's former AG Bill Barr says failing to prosecute Trump would be 'unjust' (NPR)

Ugh: Winnipeg can remove blockade over indigenous murders, court rules (BBC)

I... see. Trailing Trump by 30 Points, Ron DeSantis Plans Attack on Tim Scott (Slate)

This week's flooding caused significant crop loss for some NH farmers (NHPR)

Huw Edwards: how BBC news arm is driving story about one of its own (The Guardian)

New data shows hunger is a ‘really big issue’ for LGBTQ+ people in state, region (NH Bulletin)

Classrooms are dominating the culture war (The 19th*)

For Ronald Acuña Jr., superstardom is as simple as taking the field (WaPo)

And some longer reads:

The biggest obstacle to Ukraine’s counteroffensive? Minefields. (WaPo)

A National Treasure, Tarnished: Can Britain Fix Its Health Service? (NYT)

The Negro League revolutionized baseball – MLB's new rules are part of its legacy (NPR)

Dying Onstage: Performance, Theater, and Deception in Classic Murder Mysteries (CrimeReads)

This pitching/catching staff just seems to have really good vibes: Sean Murphy a star with Braves, who are getting elite offense from former A’s catcher (The Athletic)

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