Friday, July 7, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (7/7/23) - Friday Happy Links!

Yay, it's Friday! Time for some happy links!

I'm so excited: British prince and president's son start a secret affair in Red, White & Royal Blue trailer (EW)

Lolololol: INTERNAL PHILLIES MEMO: Stop Talking About Bryce Harper Not Homering (Baseball Prospectus)

'Smartphones' for sharks: Scientists upgrade sensors to keep track of Cape Cod's white sharks (NHPR)

See Photos of Gay Men in Love Dating Back to the 1850s (Smithsonian)

Mix and Match Your Way to the New Drink of Summer (Punch)

Quiz: Which Barbie Are You? (Autostraddle)

Five Summer Reads Perfect for Star Gazers (Tor)

A Starter Kit for Your Vegetarian Cookbook Shelf (Eater)

Aw: Octopuses changing skin pattern while asleep may show they dream, research shows (The Guardian)

Fave Five: Queer Takes on Westerns (LGBTQ Reads)

And some longer Friday reads:

This is extremely cute: Best friends Aaron Nola and Zach Eflin square off in Phillies vs. Rays, and savor it (The Athletic)

How three Latino coffee entrepreneurs are brewing stories in NH’s java scene (NHPR)

How William Byrd Influences Music, 400 Years After His Death (NYT)

Bookish Pride Mugs for Celebrating All Year Long (Book Riot)

The 19 Most Polished Detectives in Crime Film and TV (CrimeReads)

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