Monday, June 6, 2011

Morning Coffee (6/6/11)

Catch up on the latest TV news with my most recent Caffeine column at The Televixen.

Watch Switched at Birth, premiering on ABC Family at 9/8c tonight.

Listen to my new obsession: Friendly Fires' "Live Those Days Tonight."

Take the Naipaul test: Can a writer's gender really be identified in a short excerpt? (Hint: No.)

And check back here later for a little about this new blog and my thoughts on a few of the new summer TV shows.


  1. Switched at Birth? Doesn't sound like it deserves my DVR space :P

  2. Whereas I'm intrigued by the Switched at Birth concept subject to how well it's handled.

    Love the new blog. It's more......substantial.

  3. Since I read in Google Reader, I don't notice the changes in blogs until I head over to them. I like the look of this one. I've been using Blogger since day one; it suits me. No real reason for the preference other than once I'm established, I'm too stubborn to change.