Monday, June 6, 2011

So. New blog!

You may be wondering why I'm trying out this new space. I've been considering a change for a while, and yesterday I decided to just go for it. I'm hoping this version of the blog will make things better in a few ways . . .

1. The name/URL is more consistent with the version(s) of my name I use everywhere else.

2. The comment options are better, especially because I don't have to manually approve each one.

3. Blogger allows posting by e-mail and other easier mobile options.

4. I can schedule posts to automatically post in the future.

5. It's easier to mess around with the layout and to keep the layout consistent across all pages.

6. Tags! And a tag cloud! I am rather too excited about this.

7. Multiple authors gives me the option to have guest bloggers in the future.

8. Things are just generally easier to change and keep track of with Blogger.

9. And this lets me have that Google/Blogger "follow" thing. I STILL don't understand why people use that. Isn't it like RSS but inferior? Get off my lawn! Anyway. You all use it, and now I have it.

So . . . yes. Here we are. Comments? Suggestions? Anything not working/difficult to read/etc.?

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