Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tonight's TV Premiere Reminders: 9/20/11

For these first few weeks of fall TV, I'll have quick posts up at 9am each day reminding you of which shows start that night, with times and channels and maybe a quick thought or two. Remember, you can see my whole fall TV spreadsheet here. (All times Eastern.)

8 p.m.:
The Biggest Loser season premiere, NBC
I have basically nothing to say about any of these reality shows. Sorry.

Glee season 3 premiere, FOX
I have given up on Glee. Perhaps you have not. Enjoy!

NCIS season 9 premiere, CBS
Wow. I had not realized this had been around quite so long, and I have still never seen a full episode. But you probably already know if you like this.

9 p.m.:
NCIS: Los Angeles season 3 premiere, CBS
What's better than one NCIS? Two NCISes! Yeah, I don't know. I see Chris O'Donnell's name and start thinking about Circle of Friends and then remember LL Cool J is in this too and wind up thoroughly confused. (Does LL Cool J's name have any punctuation? Hm. Anyway. MOVING ON.)

New Girl series premiere, FOX
I'm not a Zooey Deschanel fan, but I actually kind of liked this. I'll have some thoughts up later today about whether you should watch.

9:30 p.m.:
Raising Hope season 2 premiere, FOX
I know this has a lot of fans, but I am not one of them.

10 p.m.:
Body of Proof season 2 premiere, ABC
This procedural is one that I never really talked or wrote about last year, but wound up really enjoying. I'll try to get at least some quick thoughts up about it each week.

Unforgettable series premiere, CBS
This is a new procedural about a woman who literally remembers everything. I've heard some good things, and I like having a few procedurals that I enjoy as brain candy but don't get too invested in (see also: Body of Proof), so I'm hoping this falls into that category. Because this is a tough timeslot, I won't be watching this one until later in the week, but I'll let you know what I thought when I get to it.

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