Saturday, February 25, 2012

Morning Coffee (2/25/12)

Happy Oscar weekend! I have a sore throat so I'm actually drinking tea with honey rather than coffee, but close enough. Let's ignore the fact that I still think I can see another five movies this weekend and move on to some links . . .

Wildly exciting news: Bradley Whitford was cast in a FOX pilot as a CIA Station Chief. Oh please oh please let this make it to TV.

How To Watch the Oscars. Ha. This is hilarious. And on a more serious note: The Insanity of Oscars Fashion Expectations.

Princess cake! I love Sweden.

Lupo, Dog of Cambridge, is pretty cute.

I have to admit I'm pretty excited about this new Anna Karenina. And I should really read the book, huh?

And here are your first pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Trek.

Vampire dinosaur! No, really.

It looks like Downton Abbey may be moving to the drama series category (rather than miniseries) for the Emmys. Interesting.

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  1. I wouldn't say you *should* read Anna Karenina. It was one of the novels I read in AP English, and I remember very little of it - except for the endlessly dull passages about voting with marbles. And I'm pretty sure those scenes won't make it into the movie.