Sunday, May 20, 2012

What I Watched: Common Law, Girls, Scandal

Live+7: Common Law, "Ride-Along (EP102)" - So far, at least, I don't think this show is quite at the level of White Collar or Burn Notice, but this episode was thoroughly enjoyable, and after two episodes I'm definitely into it enough to keep watching. The one thing I'm worried about is that the therapy bit will get annoying and repetitive after a while. It was a good hook for the show, but I'm not necessarily sure how long they can keep it up (or keep it onscreen, at least).

Catching up: Girls - I hadn't watched this since the premiere, and while I wasn't sure whether I'd like it from that episode, I definitely like it after watching the subsequent ones. The writing is strong, and the characters all feel like slightly exaggerated versions of people I know. That said, I understand why it's certainly not for everyone. It definitely feels like it has niche appeal.

Scandal - I hadn't watched this one since the premiere either, but I watched the rest of the season yesterday and got completely addicted. It's the perfect blend of political machinations, soapy personal stuff, and a little mystery solving, and the cast is incredible, especially Josh Malina, Kate Burton, and Tony Goldwyn. And really, you can keep all the paranormal love stories and whatever - apparently President/fixer is the kind of forbidden romance I can get behind. This ended with quite a cliffhanger, though I'm not as invested in Quinn's mystery as in the political stuff, and I'm so glad it's coming back in the fall.

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