Thursday, October 4, 2012

Morning Coffee (10/4/12)

No What I Watched today, because What I Watched was just baseball.

Useful single-use website:

Here's your daily Rebecca update. This is fascinating.

After reading the book and seeing two movies I'm not sure I actually need to read a Girl with the Dragon Tattoo graphic novel, but this sneak peek is intriguing.

Here are all the Cougar Town title cards. Man, I miss this show.

Pop Warner team pays 10-year-olds to hurt other kids. Unfortunately, I can't say I'm surprised.

This take on Mumford & Sons is worth a read.

A Father-Daughter Dance Revives Charges of Discrimination

Here's a fascinating profile of a Spanish man who was identified as a Buddhist lama as a toddler.

First World War soldiers' bodies found in Dolomites

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  1. "just baseball" What. Which game did you watch, who won? What made you yell at the tv? Do you yell at the baseball players or is that just me? Just baseball. Pft.