Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Grilled Cheese for a Rough Day

I've had a slightly rough few days, and I got home tonight feeling fragile and like I needed to make something to ground myself, something more real than the canned vegetable soup or Annie's mac and cheese I too-often fall back on on busy worknights. But it had to be easy, because I wasn't up for much effort. And it had to use stuff I had in the house, because I absolutely wasn't about to face the grocery store. And it had to be comfort food. So. Slightly fancy grilled cheese it is!

This isn't even a recipe, but here are my instructions for Grilled Cheese for Inner Peace:

Thinly spread some decent wholegrain mustard on your sandwich bread of choice. (I happened to have Hannaford's organic oat nut in the house - it's not mindblowing or anything, but it's decent and affordable.)

Then layer whatever melting-appropriate cheese you have (this is provolone and swiss; cheddar would be even better) with thinly sliced plum tomato, avocado, and fire roasted peppers.

Melt some butter in a small frying pan over medium heat, add the sandwich, and let it cook. (I've taken to just putting the butter in the pan instead of spreading it on the bread because it's easier and works fine.) Make sure you press the sandwich down periodically as it cooks.

Once one side is as golden brown as you like it, remove the sandwich from the pan, melt more butter, and repeat with the other side down.

Consume with a glass of milk or your favorite beer, depending on just how rough your day was.


  1. That sounds really good. I hope it helped you feel better. (((hugs)))

    After watching the cook at the college cafeteria make grilled cheese sandwiches, I learned not only to put the butter in the pan instead of on the bread, but also to make the sandwich open-faced and put the sides together after the bread is brown and the cheese is mostly melted. It gets done more evenly and it's quicker. (Also: this makes MUCH TASTIER TOAST than a toaster. It's how diners do it. Just leave off the cheese.)

    Also, I've never tried spreading THIS in the pan (only on the bread) but if you are desperate for grilled cheese and you are out of butter, mayonnaise works really well. Don't knock it till you've tried it.

  2. And don't forget Dad's method of using a mug or heavy coffee cup on the sandwich to keep it pressed down!!