Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What I Watched: 666 Park Avenue & Revenge Premieres & More

(I realized that I completely left the premiere of The Mentalist off yesterday's post. It was . . . fine. I have very mixed feelings about that show at this point. The cases of the week are fine, but they've sort of lost me with the Red John stuff.)

666 Park Avenue, "Pilot (EP101)" - This wasn't great, but it was pleasantly creepy and very pretty. You can read my take at TheTelevixen.

Revenge, "Destiny (EP201)" - This was a solid premiere and I'm so glad the show is back. I love Nolan living with Emily, because he's my favorite. The Charlotte stuff is all quite interesting, though I didn't think it was exactly a surprise that a certain person wasn't really dead. But they played it well, anyway, and set up enough intrigue that I think they'll be able to get through another year of Emily's revengenda without rehashing much.

Copper, "The Hudson River School (EP107)" - The dynamic between Corcoran and Annie is probably the most interesting part of this show, so I was thrilled that this episode focused on it so much. And I love that Corcoran isn't going the obvious route of thinking Elizabeth can do no wrong.

How I Met Your Mother, "The Pre-Nup (EP802)" - There was an unattractive patina of misogyny over all this, of course, but that's sort of Barney's schtick, so I'm not really expecting it to change now. And hey, there was actual plot progress, and an adorable Barney/Robin moment, so I won't complain too much.

Castle, "Cloudy with a Change of Murder (EP502)" - This was our first "normal" episode since Castle and Beckett got together, and I thought they played the relationship stuff perfectly. It reassured me a lot about the season's tone and trajectory. My full recap will be up at TheTelevixen soon.

Homeland, "Marine One (EP112)" - Wow. This was an intense, amazing finale. I knew one outcome given that I was watching it knowing whether certain people were in season two, but that didn't really detract from seeing how they got there. And the phone scene between Brody and Dana was just astonishingly good.

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