Thursday, October 25, 2012

What I Watched: Arrow, Nashville, The New Normal

Arrow, "Lone Gunmen (EP103)" - Wheee, someone found out about Oliver! Delightful. I also loved that someone finally articulated the Hamlet parallels. I love the Oliver/Thea relationship - "you're barely my brother" killed me. And Oliver did seem awfully calm about Tommy and Laurel. Is he possibly just being rational about the whole "They DID think I was dead" thing? I guess that's doubtful. Hm.

Nashville, "Someday You'll Call My Name (EP103)" - THIS SHOW. ALL THE FEELINGS. I love it so much. I see a lot of people saying that the hate one or both of the main characters, which honestly I just don't get - I love that they are both very flawed but sympathetic, and the supporting characters have all sorts of interesting, complex dynamics without making the whole thing seem scattered, which is hard to pull off. And the music! The music is so good. I want to buy it all.

The New Normal, "The Godparent Trap (EP107)" - This episode actually a) made me cry and b) made me want to go to Mass, which is NOT really what I expected from this show. I thought this episode was really well done and did a shockingly good job with the religion issues.

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  1. I'm totally digging Arrow! It's one of my favorite shows now. I haven't bothered with Beauty and the Beast through. Is it worth catching up on?