Saturday, October 13, 2012

What I Watched: Fringe, Haven, Blue Bloods, & More

Fringe, "The Recordist (EP503)" - I know a lot of people were disappointed in this episode, but I really liked it, even though it was different and much quieter than we're used to. I loved the chance to see a little glimpse of how all of the huge changes in the world affected normal people who were living very different lives than our heroes. And I thought a lot of the family-related scenes were very powerful - both the Bishop family and the recordist family. The big scene between Peter and Olivia was wonderful and heartbreaking, and I'm so glad Peter articulated that he wants a second chance. (Though what the heck is up with Olivia's memory?) And they both had some great moments with Etta - Peter automatically checking her for the skin condition in a very natural dad-like way, and Etta and Olivia quietly holding hands. But I am so afraid that the father saying goodbye to his son and sacrificing himself will turn out to be foreshadowing.

Haven, "Over My Head (EP304)" - I liked this episode much more than the last one, I think. I love how Nathan isn't bothering to hide how hurt he is and is basically just being hostile to Duke and cold to Audrey, though of course he's always there when she actually needs him. And boy, is Lucas Bryant a good glarer. I'm very interested in this semi-secret society he's trying to join/infiltrate, and I may have yelled "Nooooo!" at my TV when he realized he was the only person Jordan could touch, but that was a really compelling, magnetic scene and they have good chemistry. I'm torn, because obviously I think Nathan and Audrey are meant to be, but Nathan can hardly be faulted for considering his options given that Audrey is trying so hard to push him away.

Blue Bloods, "Old Wounds (EP303)" - No, seriously, WHERE IS WILL ESTES? I think he had all of two very short lines last night. I wasn't necessarily wild about his plot last season, but at least he had one. I hope the lack of him in the first few episodes of the season means there's a Jamie-intensive plot coming up soon. Other than that, I liked this episode; it was full of Lessons but that's basically this show's thing so I don't mind. Tom Selleck and Len Cariou imparting life lessons is a pretty decent way to start the weekend, really. I did roll my eyes at Danny taking so long to consider the rape victim's brother as a suspect in the murder of the rapists, since IN THE SAME BREATH he was offering to beat up someone who hurt his sister.

The Good Wife, "And the Law Won (EP402)" - UGH. This Kalinda story. Why do her stories have to revolve around sex? Why is she suddenly incapable of remembering to do her job when her husband comes to town? Other than that, though, I liked this episode; I'm glad Will's back and I always like it when Alicia has to confront the fact that everyone knows Diane and Will don't really see her like the other associates, as much as everyone claims there's no special treatment. The way the dynamic between Alicia and Peter is developing this season is fascinating. And hey, Gilmore Girls actors together in court! That was exciting. Too bad Cary wasn't there too.

The Mentalist, "Devil's Cherry (EP502)" - These hallucination sorts of episodes are usually not my favorite, but I thought this one was done pretty well. And by all means, Jane, please listen to your imaginary daughter and MOVE ON. I did like that drugged Jane insisted that Lisbon was the only person who really knew him, and hey, that plot left them with no time to spend on Rigsby's and Cho's ridiculous, out-of-character personal crises, so hey! The case was fine but the villain seemed a bit cartoonishly evil and eager to confess.

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