Friday, October 5, 2012

What I Watched: The Good Wife Premiere, Elementary & More

Elementary, "While You Were Sleeping (EP102)" - I thought this was a strong second episode, though again, the actual case was fine but not particularly memorable. (And this was at least the second procedural to involve twins this week, though that's not an issue, really.) But where it really shone was the character dynamics and the further development of Holmes and Watson. And the violin scene at the end just slayed me.

Guys With Kids, "Marny Wants a Girl (EP103)" - Well, this show is now 3/3 for making me laugh out loud. And I'm glad to see they've abandoned the "Isn't it crazy that these guys are taking care of their kids?" thing - now it's just presented matter-of-factedly as their regular lives. Also: CUTE BABIES.

Major Crimes, "Dismissed with Prejudice (EP108)" - This was a weird episode - going back to look at a case in the past because of new evidence - but it definitely gave some more insight into the characters, which was nice. And Rusty's story continues to be heartbreaking. I love how the whole team is now so invested and involved in his life.

The Good Wife, "I Fought the Law (EP401)" - You know the week is not going well when it takes me four days to watch the season premiere of one of my favorite shows. BUT ANYWAY. I'm so glad this show is back. I'm unsure about the storyline with Kalinda's husband, but I loved everything else. There were some great moments between Will and Diane, especially, and I love Peter when he gets angry and authoritative. "No. I'm threatening you."

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