Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What I Watched: Homeland Premiere, Tuesday Night Comedies, & More

Homeland, "The Smile (EP201)" - THIS SHOW. Oh, this show. It's just as amazing as everyone says, and I'm so glad I'm finally caught up. I thought the time-jump from the finale to the premiere was well-executed, and all of the threads are still holding together nicely. Even though Brody's less of a cipher now, we still aren't sure exactly what he'll be willing to do, and his relationship with his daughter remains one of my favorites in the show. The other is probably Carrie's with Saul, and there was some great stuff there in this episode too.

Ben and Kate, "Bad Cop/Bad Cop (EP102)" - I feel compelled to say THIS SHOW again, though in a completely different way from above. This was just so adorable, and honestly, I had a rough day yesterday and saved this episode for right before bed and it was perfect. Aside from the ridiculously cute and non-annoying kid, I think my favorite thing is the character dynamics: Stories about messed up people genuinely trying to help each other are my Kryptonite.

The Mindy Project, "Hiring and Firing (EP102)" - I'm going to write a separate post about this, because she show managed to enrage me again, but in completely different ways! But basically, there were a few moments I liked, and I thought it was a little more coherent than the pilot, but I'm still stuck on the fact that Mindy is an awful person but the show doesn't necessarily know that.

Go On, "Do You Believe in Ghosts . . . Yes! (EP105)" - I was skeptical of the "ghost episode" going in, but I thought it was done pretty well, and this show is continuing to walk the line of being really funny and genuinely touching all at once. I was less into the storyline about Ryan trying to help Steven get girls, but I loved the stuff about Ryan having to learn to take care of himself.

The New Normal, "Nanagasm (EP105)" - I'm still wary, because Ryan Murphy, but I'm also still enjoying much of this show. It definitely has its problematic elements, but it also has the heart, coherence, and continuity that Glee lost after its first half-season. (Am I expecting this to go completely off the rails in January? Possibly.) And I just really like David, Bryan, Goldie, and Shania, and want to spend more time with them. (Also, turning to a waiter and saying "I'm going to be needing dessert for dinner. Thank you." is AMAZING.)

Bones, "The Gunk in the Garage (EP803)" - This was one of the "bonus" episodes they filmed last season and never aired. I have mixed feelings: The case itself was interesting, if a bit far-fetched, and I loved the interaction between Booth and Brennan and the way they actually faced some of their issues. But I didn't like the Sweets stuff. Is he serious about Daisy or not? Unless fidelity issues are SUPPOSED to be part of his character, why does he keep cheating? Make up your mind, writers!

The Mob Doctor, "Protect and Serve (EP103)" - Honestly, I'm watching this one at a bit of an emotional distance, since I'm expecting it to be cancelled at any moment so I don't want to get too attached. But I'm enjoying it! Most of the medical stuff is pretty forgettable, but the family stuff is deliciously psychologically complex. And Zach Gilford's scene with the child athlete was great (not least because of FNL associations, even though it was a different sport).

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