Thursday, November 29, 2012

Morning Coffee (11/29/12)

The Leveson Report comes out today! I am currently arguing with myself about whether I should try to read it.

Here, start your day with an interview with Ray Liotta. He seems delightfully down-to-earth.

ABC will show a Dick Clark retrospective on New Year's Eve, which seems only fitting. And for the actually countdown show, they have Taylor Swift AND Neon Trees, so FINE, ABC, I'LL WATCH.

This case for an Oscar nomination for Matthew McConaughey makes some excellent points and is also a fun read.

Is Jeff Zucker the answer to CNN's problems?

This piece about the pros and cons of English language education in India is fascinating.

Perfect: Alternate Panel Titles for Writers' Conferences

Hey look, the Encyclopedia of Fantasy is now online.

This lamp makes clouds in your house to show you the weather forecast. Huh.

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