Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Morning Coffee (7/30/13)

Sad news: The Old Reader is going away. I'm currently trying the Digg reader in beta. InoReader might also be worth a look. Anything else anyone has found?

Breaking news from the Wars of the Roses: Coffin at King Richard III Site Holds...Another Coffin

Anyone who interacts or hopes to interact with celebrities should read what Wil Wheaton wrote about Comic-Con.

This is a really, really good point: The Broken Cultural Script For Initiating Romance

I haven't found time to read this Huma Abedin profile yet, but I keep hearing it's very good.

22 Questions “Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory” Left Unanswered

How That Nineteenth-Century Handwriting Got So Pretty

With Building’s Sale, Piano Row Will Lose Another Key

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  1. Feedly is working well for me, and the Kindle app I used to use to read Google Reader has been updated to read Feedly (as well as a couple others). www.feedly.com