Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Morning Coffee (7/31/13)

Today is my birthday and I would like someone to make me this. Or this. Wow.

Alert: Barney Frank is now on Twitter.

Would you like to see the playlist David Cameron made for the other G8 leaders? Sure you would.

10 American Girl Doll Catalogs from Your Past. OMG. I vividly remember these all through 1998, which is when I went to college and the catalogs still went to my parents' house. And even then, I remember some of them.

Speaking of American Girl, they're now doing picture books!

The Never-Ending Story: Why They're Not Getting Out From Under That Dome

Candidate Vastly Less Interesting After Correction

Queen Maureen Johnson has a new site!

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  1. Really?!? I could make the "sane people" version instead of the family standard birthday cake if you want.