Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas cookie guessing game!

So, late last night, on Twitter, I sort of accidentally started a contest. I've been tweeting running tallies of my Christmas cookie baking, and last night I said "Huh, no idea what the final total will be. Guesses?" And then I decided I should give a prize to whoever guessed closest. And then I decided I should put this post here so those who weren't on Twitter at midnight on a Wednesday night could have a chance too. SO.

To enter, just guess how many Christmas cookies I will bake this year, and put your guess in the comments or tweet me. Tonight I'm planning to make more dough but not actually bake anything, so you have until I give a tally update Friday night to enter. Some hints:
  • I have made 192 cookies so far.
  • I will make 8 kinds of cookies. I'll make two batches of some of these.
  • The first six dozen were for a cookie exchange.
  • With the rest, I'm doing cookie trays for three events, plus some family favorites to just have around the house Christmas week, plus maybe a few small cookie boxes for friends.
  • I will be done by Sunday night.
The prize: Whoever guesses closest can pick either a $10 online gift card (to Amazon, iTunes, or another service/site of your choice that's logistically reasonable for me) now OR a package of homemade cookies sent to you in January, because no way will I have time to bake MORE and get to the post office before Christmas.

Anyway, this was just a fun spontaneous little thing that I have now codified because I just can't help myself. SO. Guess away! Have fun! (And if you guessed on Twitter last night but want to change your guess based on the information provided here, be my guest.)