Thursday, December 19, 2013

Morning Coffee (12/19/13)

Two more days of work! I am very ready for vacation.

Christmas in Washington is on tomorrow, and the most delightfully random assortment of people are involved. Hugh Jackman! The Backstreet Boys! The Obamas! Sheryl Crow! Anna Kendrick!

If Pippa Middleton is really engaged, this should be fun to watch.

The best and worst media errors and corrections in 2013

Someone else is writing a Dragon Tattoo sequel. My first reaction, of course, is to disapprove, but it's not like Larsson was known for his beautiful prose, so . . . we'll see.

Fun: OED birthday word generator

This analysis of Twitter popularity is pretty fascinating.

I actually like Love, Actually, or at least parts of it, but this takedown is hilarious.

This Dr. PetPlay app looks like SO MUCH FUN.

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  1. Between the Love Actually recap and the continuing saga of Sirs Pat & Ian Posting Selfies linked on the same page, I'm getting pretty much nothing done this morning. Thank you so much.