Monday, September 14, 2015

Morning Coffee (9/14/15)

I decided to take a vacation day to get myself organized and work on some projects and enjoy the fact that it's cold and rainy, and I'm SO HAPPY ABOUT IT.

Me elsewhere: TV news for the week and some thoughts on the Concussion trailer and debate.

Important: The War on Women Is Over - And Women Lost

Well, it's been a nice run, humanity: Robot mother builds and improves its own children

Wow: Why drivers in China intentionally kill the pedestrians they hit.

Bye, humanity, part two: Scientists are reawakening a ‘giant virus’ frozen in the Siberian wilderness

9/11 Conspiracy Theories: Inside The Lonely Lives Of Truthers, Still Looking For Their Big Break (There's an interesting/random Veronica Mars connection in there!)

I'm not sure why the New Yorker decided to profile gay mystery novelist Michael Nava right NOW - so far as I can tell he doesn't have a new book out or anything - but his Henry Rios series is great and you should all read it.

This is the sort of thing that makes me SO HAPPY we have Vox: What's the deal with that Aretha Franklin documentary?

Men Wearing A Military Helmet And Nothing Else In Western Art History

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  1. I'm pretty sure that Siberian virus is actually Purity Control from The X-Files, they're waking up the black oil, and we're all going to die. So, make sure to buddy up with the Russians, because they have the only vaccine that works.