Monday, September 21, 2015

Morning Coffee (9/21/15)

Me elsewhere: The week's TV news and some thoughts on The Martian.

PSA: Apparently in five states, including New Hampshire and New York, drivers' licenses will soon not be sufficient ID to get on a plane. So THAT's annoying.

Fall TV season gets underway today. I'll be reviewing the first episode of each new show as we go, but to get you started, Kate Aurthur's 8 Fall Shows To Be Excited About, 10 To Give A Chance, And 6 To Avoid is a good read and tracks pretty well with what I've heard from others who have seen a lot of the shows in advance.

Two highlights from the Emmys last night: Andy Samberg's peak TV musical number and Viola Davis's acceptance speech.

Important: Fleeing Syria: A Desperate Migration

Everyone who cares about books or publishing should read this: I Gave A Speech About Race To The Publishing Industry And No One Heard Me

Here's the terrifying anti-Muslim conspiracy theory that Trump's supporter was citing

I need to see if there were any updates to this story over the weekend, but Paul and Rubio aides got in a bar fight??

Today in "It is 2015 and I cannot believe we're still talking about this:" American Academy of Pediatrics Reiterates Safety and Importance of Vaccines (Similarly, I was at the NH Democratic Convention over the weekend, and it's so surreal that "climate change is real" and "women should get equal pay" are still controversial things that become huge important applause lines.)

This debate length infographic (comparing the transcript to books) is DELIGHTFUL.

"'See yon tall and stately figure across the hall?' Ana asked, guiding Morgana’s arm in the direction of the man who had drawn the attention of the entire room merely by entering it. 'He is your cousin.'

'That,' Morgana said delightedly, 'explains the fond and platonic feelings I felt for him once I saw his face!' She looked forward to meeting him. How uncomplicated it all would be."

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  1. Wait. How do only 38% of Americans *not* have passports? That means 62% have passports. I call shenanigans.