Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Morning Coffee (9/22/15)

Me elsewhere: I don't know if I can deal with In the Heart of the Sea.

Let's have an all-quote edition today, just 'cause.

"(Abélard was eventually castrated after fights with Héloïse’s family, a detail Compaq executives were unaware of at the time.)"

And a differing Fiorina take: "If the US has a bad couple of years, she can't just go buy Canada."

"St. Francis and Donald Trump have only one quality in common, but it is crucially important: neither can be bought." (Max Weber is so SOOTHING.)

This this this: "My objection was that if we—as consumers and producers and purveyors of news—decide that we will simply ignore the existence and arguments of every pundit, candidate, or religious dissenter to whom we object, it doesn’t in fact make them go away. It simply takes us out of the conversation."

"Brain surgeons, long burdened with the onerous reputation of being among the smartest people in the world, are expressing relief that the Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson is shattering that stereotype once and for all."

"It's said that Mary wanted Cecil to buy a set of curtains at the auction," says Stonehenge's curator, Heather Sebire. "And he came back with something rather different." (Stonehenge. He bought Stonehenge.)

"Beyond the ability to feed yourself, it doesn't fucking matter if a million people love you or five people do."

"Do you happen to have a baby picture of Andrew Jackson?
What’s the weather going to be like in Nashville five months from today?
Does this look infected to you?"

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