Thursday, October 1, 2015

Amazing Sentences from Choire's Ina Garten Profile

If you have any interest in Ina Garten, a.k.a. the Barefoot Contessa, I highly suggest you read Choire Sicha's profile of her immediately. And then, if you are anything like me, you will feel the need to watch some of her show, just to warn you. (And THEN, if you are me, you will discover that it is not available on demand, but lo! Netflix just made the first season of her Back to Basics show available for streaming.) Anyway, you should really read the whole thing, but here is A TASTE (ha. I crack myself up.):

"The only time I have seen her forehead is in a black-and-white picture from her wedding day."

"It reads straightforwardly as an endorsement — and yet, when you look at the actual words, they assemble themselves, as so much does in Martha’s world, into some kind of menace, an alpha act of undermining."

"This problem is solved by a youngster named Lidey Heuck, a 2013 Bowdoin graduate who started working for Ina right after graduation, after having written Ina a letter delivered by means of a classmate's father who is Ina's attorney, because apparently she inhabits some marvelous Victorian novel."

"Recently, also, Ina followed a friend to the grocery store just to see how people shop."

"In an episode of Barefoot Contessa from 2007, Ina makes the somewhat gnomey Jeffrey a lovely mild breakfast of asparagus and eggs, because he is going away on a business trip. He has spent the last thirty years on a business trip."

"Jeffrey Garten is not a bumbling idiot. He finds the house in Napa without difficulty. After all, any reasonably close reading of his resume suggests that he certainly either was, or equally likely was not, working for the CIA in Asia and Latin America for decades."

"Being free from frozen packs of Penne Pasta with Five Cheeses and Tequila Lime Chicken that bear her face is a sign of her focus and brilliance."

Really: Read the whole thing.

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