Friday, October 2, 2015

Morning Coffee (10/2/15)

First: Let me say that my thoughts are, of course, with everyone affected by the terrible killings in Oregon; my dad has worked at a community college my whole life so this one hit close to home, emotionally. But I don't have anything interesting or unique to say about it, so I'll just say that I'm proud of my President and I hope, though I don't necessarily expect, that laws will change.

And now I'm going to proceed with my usual happy Friday links. Please take this in the spirit in which it is intended: a positive distraction for anyone who might need it, rather than a sign of disrespect.

Me elsewhere: Code Black was kind of boring.

ICYMI, I pulled out some of the best lines from Choire Sicha's Ina Garten profile.

This is amazing: the linguistics of shipper portmanteaux.

I loved this celebration of Goodfellas. Why am I not watching Goodfellas RIGHT NOW?

If you, like me, were confused about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar writing a Mycroft Holmes novel, I recommend this profile.

Food Network is doing a Cake Wars: Christmas series this year, because they love us and want us to be happy.

The shots of old catalogs in this piece on American Girl dolls made me so nostalgic I almost cried.

I want an Alice Roosevelt YA novel: Global Diplomacy Was in Theodore Roosevelt's Hands, But His Daughter Stole the Show

Would also read a novel about this lady: Way to go: the woman who invented Britain’s road signs

Whoaaaa, look at this map of literature. (I have some nitpicks with it, but it's GORGEOUS.)

I am very excited about the prospect of a Game of Thrones coloring book.

Look at these gorgeous illustrations from a 16th century book on herbal medicine.

A Style Guide for the Dystopia

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