Friday, November 27, 2015

Morning Coffee (11/27/15)

(If you're looking for happy Friday links, check out yesterday's post!)

Some Australian paramedics have stopped asking a certain question to test patients' level of consciousness: Mr Abood once asked a patient to name the prime minister, only to be told: “I haven’t watched the news today.”

Gingerbread King's Landing!!!

Here's an interesting Barthes retrospective for the hundredth anniversary of his birth.

Spotlight sounds really good.

This Choice by Gaslight game looks interesting.

81-Year-Old Woman, Last Fluent Speaker of Her Language, Learns to Type to Make a Dictionary

Why Is Othello Black?

A Castle Receives a Weekly Delivery of Delhi’s Secret Desires

Whoa: Inside Stanford Business School’s Spiraling Sex Scandal

What Being 15 Looks Like Around The World

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