Friday, December 18, 2015

Morning Coffee (12/18/15)

Happy Friday! Happy Star Wars day! (I'm seeing it Sunday.)

Awww, new family portrait of Will and Kate and the kids for the holidays!

I've never actually fallen asleep watching Netflix, but I love that they have these instructions for socks with motion-sensors to pause your show and their instructions include KNITTING THE SOCKS. And they have SOCK PATTERNS RELATED TO A WHOLE BUNCH OF THEIR SHOWS. Why don't all networks do this???

I had never seen James Corden's Carpool Karaoke segment before but this one with One Direction is utterly charming, and they should probably just let James join the band.

Muppets and crumpets! MUPPETS AND CRUMPETS.

The BBC's list of the 100 greatest British novels is an interesting take because they polled critics OUTSIDE the U.K. (I think I've read 17 of them.)

The unconventional reign of Sweden’s queer Queen Christina

I tend to like serious, often depressing movies, and yet I love Hallmark Christmas movies. Here's a good essay on them and their popularity.

Fascinating: Unearthing the World of Jesus (I know Reza Aslan is busy producing TV shows and stuff but I really wish he'd write a million more books like Zealot because I LOVED that.)

15 Hot Cocktails for Cold Winter Nights

Heee: Great House Therapy: Maria and Georg’s Anti-Fascist, Music-Filled Salzburg Lake House

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  1. Well, I'd read 23 of the 100 greatest British novels. So, I have some reading to do...