Saturday, December 19, 2015

Morning Coffee (12/19/15)

Today I'm having the most December-in-New-Hampshire day ever: Selling Christmas trees for charity this morning, going to see a presidential candidate this afternoon, watching the debate and decorating Christmas cookies this evening.

Whoa: Rumor has it the Beatles' catalog will be available to stream soon, possibly on Christmas Eve.

The feud between Bernie Sanders and the DNC, explained

Presidential Candidates Attack America With Pointless, Contrived Star Wars Tweets

This could be interesting: Showtime Greenlights 2016 Presidential Race Documentary Series ‘The Circus’

Oh for God's sake: Arabic calligraphy assignment forces closure of schools in Virginia county

Well. Poll: 30 Percent of GOP Primary Voters, 19 Percent of Dems Want to Bomb the City From Aladdin

Huh: Saab Is Apparently Not Dead (Again)

The Disturbing Story Of Widespread Sexual Assault Allegations At A Major Progressive PR Firm


I am the kind of mistrustful person who can't help wondering if Elena Ferrante's whole schtick is a publicity stunt, but if so it's a clever one and I admire her for it.

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