Monday, December 7, 2015

Morning Coffee (12/7/15)

Me elsewhere: The week's TV news.

It looks like that story I linked about police in Dothan, AL planting drugs on black male suspects may not be as solid as I'd assumed. (For the record, I trusted and linked to it because a journalist I trust tweeted it. Not blaming him - everyone makes mistakes! - just letting you know the provenance. Anyway, Slate and the Washington Post have taken a harder look.

The Saudi Arabia problem: why a country at war with jihadists also fuels them

Related-ish: Germany Rebukes Its Own Intelligence Agency for Criticizing Saudi Policy

ISIS Promise of Statehood Falling Far Short, Ex-Residents Say

An interesting take: The real reason the media is rising up against Donald Trump

The Southern Baptist Convention rejected violence against abortion providers 20 years ago. Here's why.

This sounds like the worst office ever. I would be SO MAD if an office were full of dogs and no one mentioned that until after I'd accepted a job.

Binge-Watching Television Got Me Through the Hardest Summer of My Life

These people are so fascinating and infuriating: Dissecting the Dream of the 1890s: My Skype Date With Those Curious Neo-Victorians

Oh, Alex Pettyfer. Just stop digging. (Wait, you can refuse to pay rent because "What is money when life is so much more?" Why didn't anyone TELL me?)

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  1. I have a very hard time not getting in my car, driving out to the "poor" Neo-Victorians, and explaining to them in tiny words how yes, they really are very well off to even THINK about doing what they're doing, because if they were really poor, they wouldn't have the option. "Oh, corsets are so great! I <3 corsets!" and "We don't believe in "-isms.'" This family makes me insane.